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Our Story

Traditional Chinese Medicine (中醫) is rooted deeply in my Chinese upbringing. When I was young, I remember visiting those multi-generational clinics with the 'old doctor' (老中醫) taking pulses and examining tongues surrounded by hundreds of jars of different herbal medicines. I never thought that ‘old doctor’ would be me one day, but somehow, passion and will led me to pursue this fascinating realm. And here I am, 30 years later, practicing (still studying and perfecting) the ancient philosophy of Chinese Medicine in Beverly Hills, California. My approach to health is valuing non-invasive solutions over aggressive methods. Too often, we rely on drugs and surgeries to ‘fix’ us when we should approach more delicately. We shouldn't attack our bodies, rather we should work to restore it. Treating the cause not the symptom is so frequently said by healthcare professionals nowadays that it almost becomes cliché, but the principle is on point. Because of its non-invasive nature, Traditional Chinese Medicine can be beneficial to almost every person; in combination with western medical theories and advancements as well as in consideration of modern lifestyle, it can be a powerful healing system for many ailments and diseases. 

Dr. Susan Sun - Founder of Sun Therapeutics, Acupuncturist, Herbalist and Tea Enthusiast


our Treatments


Chinese Medicine with a history of more than 5000 years old. 

Acupuncture 針灸

Acupuncture is one of the oldest and most long-standing medical treatment in the world. It is the gentle insertion of needles into the body. Acupuncture has three effects: relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and restores homeostasis which refers to the body's ability to regulate its environment and maintain internal balance. All diseases involves a disturbance of homeostasis, and nearly all diseases involves some degree of pain and inflammation. The mechanisms of acupuncture can be quite complex.

Cupping 火罐

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of medicine in which the practitioner places glass cups on the skin to create suction. Through suction, the skin is drawn into the cup by creating a vacuum either by fire or via a mechanical pump. This causes the skin to become reddened as the blood vessels expand.

Moxibustion 艾灸

Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that involves the burning of mugwort, a small, spongy herb, to facilitate healing. The purpose of moxibustion is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of qi, and maintain general health.

Chinese Medicine 草藥

Chinese herbal formulation is used both for the treatment of illness and in the optimization of health and prevention of disease. There are more than 5000 medicinal substances documented, including plant, animal and mineral substances. To create the formulation, the practitioners often use multiple substances to create a balanced, synergistic effect that reflects the holistic nature of the diagnosis. 

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We accept most PPO insurances with active acupuncture coverage. We are in-network with Blue Shield of California PPO and Triwest/VA plans and out-of-network with Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna and United Healthcare. We also accept MedPay and Worker’s Compensation on a case by case basis. Cash fees listed below are for patients who have no health insurance, no acupuncture benefits on their insurance plans, or deductibles. Prices are subjected to change. 


New Patient

Acupuncture $195

Acupuncture & Cupping $230



Returning Patient

Acupuncture $115

Acupuncture & Cupping $150




Herbal Consultation $75

Moxa add-on $25

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